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Empty Pods by Myle V4

50,00 د.إ

Empty Pods by Myle V4
Myle Empty Pods-vape Monkey
Empty Pods by Myle V4 -empty Pods Can Be Filled and Used With Any Flavored Salt Nic.

When It Comes to Choosing Such Device, You Can Have Many Questions. Myle Company Guarantees Flavour Quality, Power Capacity, and Portability of Devices. Put Any Salt Nic Flavor in Your Pods

Empty Pods by Myle V4 Features:
The Capacity of an Empty Cartridge is 0.9 Ml;
Atomizer Resistance: 1.8 Ohm;
A Variety of Different Flavors That Can Be Applicable to the Myle Pod; Use Any Salt Nic
You Receive 4 Pcs in a Pack.

Be Sure to Remove the Rubber Stoppers From the Top & Bottom of the Pods Before Inserting Into Your Device.
V4 Device Only Compatible With V4 Pod.
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