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Voopoo pnp Series coil

Original price was: 55,00 د.إ.Current price is: 50,00 د.إ.


0.15Ω PnP-VM6 (60-80W), 0.2Ω PnP-VM5 (40-60W), 0.3Ω PnP-VM1 (32-40W), 0.45Ω PnP-VM3 (25-35W), 0.6Ω PnP-M2 (20-28W), 0.6Ω PnP-VM4 (20-28W), 0.6Ω RBA GOLD (Rebuildable Atomiser), 0.8Ω PnP-R1 (12-18W), 0.8Ω PnP-TM2 (12-18W), 1.0Ω PnP-R2 (10-15W), 1.2Ω PnP-C1 (10-15W), 1.2Ω PnP-TR1 (10-15W)


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